Frequently Asked Questions

In order to answer some frequently asked questions, we specially prepared this page for you.

LIT is the top adult products manufacturing company in South China. We provide a wide range of sex toy customized liberation solutions, and at the same time choose a cheap and safe transportation solution for your company, and reasonably reduce customs duties and all hidden costs.

LIT is a sexy toy OEM & ODM factory. 95% products custom and are undisclosed. Here only a few examples are listed for show. Please emai or send massage +86 136 8613 6686 to get more products info.

LIT is a factory, with unbeatable design capability, we design and produce for many other companies, including suppliers.

We have a quality management department and a quality control team in the factory, and your products will have been inspected and tested by us for process replication before packaging. At the same time, our factory has obtained not limited to ISO, CCCSedexi, RBA, SA8000, WRAP and other certifications.

For various situations that may arise during transportation, we have also made perfect preparations before leaving the factory. With multiple guarantees, we believe that you can definitely let you have no worries.

LIT is an experienced and big player in the sex toy industry. We can provide you with absolutely thoughtful service and competitive price. We cooperate with many well-known international groups, so we have rich transportation solutions.

Whether your company is located in North America or Europe; or in South Africa and Southeast Asia. According to the transportation characteristics and destinations you need, we will provide you with the best plan for your reference. Just contact us directly to get it.

Thanks to our trusted packaging suppliers, LIT’ universal packaging or your custom packaging, any packaging requirements can be met.

For the first transaction, we recommend you pay it via our Alibaba store. This way your payment will be well protected by Alibaba until you receive the right shipment. you will feel safe for the first time.

When you become our repeat client, we know each other very well, we recommend you pay T/T or another way directly to our account, which will save a lot of bank fees for each other, of course, you still have the decision of which payment way.

Although we have implemented multiple protections, there is still the possibility that some products may be damaged in extreme cases.

You can take a video to show where is the problem. when we confirm the quality problem.

Firstly, we will confirm whether quality problem or the wrong operation or test way. some clients told us your products had a poor quality, half of them is not working, when we tell them the right testing way, the problem is cleared.

There will be 3 ways to solve it(up to you):

  1. Refund.
  2. Recover the quantity of the defective products with your next order.
  3. Never order from us again, we will send the recovered quantity separately by express.
  • For regular products: No MOQ, sample order is available.
  • For custom packing:100pcs -500pcs,depends on the value of the order.
  • For custom logo on products:500-2000pcs.
  • For ODM order: can be negotiated after details confirmed.

If you have more needs, welcome to contact directly.

The lead time of the order is usually determined according to the order quantity.

  • Small Order (quantity below 100 pcs): 1-3days your order can be shipped out.
  • Bulk Order : depends on the quantity of the order, normally,1000-5000 pcs. lead time is 10-20days.

It depends on the shipping method and delivery method you want.

  • By Express: DHL, FedEx, UPS 4-8 days after tracking number is out.
  • By Sea:30-45 days
  • By Train(EU): 40days
  • Small Package by Air Transport: 10-15 days.

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