Flexible ODM & OEM Solution

Customization sex toys Shape

Product Shape:

Creating custom shapes is essential for enhancing the user experience. It involves carefully selecting materials that align with the desired characteristics. For instance, our utilization of liquid silicone rubber offers a smoother and softer texture compared to solid silica gel. Additionally, our double-layer TPE design eliminates the need for lubricants, providing a more convenient experience for end-users.

Customization sex toys color

Product Color:

We understand the significance of customization in meeting market demands. With our advanced manufacturing capabilities, we offer a wide range of vibrant and eye-catching color patterns. Your customers can choose from an extensive assortment of colors, allowing them to personalize their products according to their preferences.

Customization sex toys Texture

Product Texture:

Texture plays a crucial role in creating realistic and pleasurable experiences. Leveraging our expertise, we can replicate various textures that closely mimic real-life sensations. These texture effects can be tailored to cater to the specific needs of your target market, ensuring an enhanced user experience.

Customization sex toys Modes

Function Modes:

We provide an array of function modes to amplify the pleasure your customers derive from our products. Our offerings include low allergen features, multi-speed settings, rotatable functions, and sucking capabilities. These diverse function modes expand the possibilities for your customers to explore and enjoy heightened sexual experiences.

sex toy Performance

Product Performance:

Our commitment to meeting customer requirements extends to ensuring optimal performance. All our products are waterproof, catering to the needs of your customers who seek aquatic adventures. Furthermore, our comprehensive production capacity allows us to customize products based on your preferences, guaranteeing an exceptional user experience.

 sex toys Hardness

Product Hardness:

During production, we meticulously test and measure the hardness of our products. Our range spans from 15 to 35 degrees, capturing varying levels of softness or firmness to meet your specific requirements. This attention to detail enables us to deliver products with the desired level of roughness, providing tailored experiences for your customers.