Styling is managed through our CAD facility, which allows for virtual design that focuses on product performance.

Utilizing computer-generated photo-realistic computer renderings and animations, we can assess the functions and specialties of our sex toys.

Modifications are managed easily in our digital layouts in order to get the most stylish designs so that they can reach your goal of the targeted markets faster.


In structural design, our structure designers ensure the perfection of the internal structure and mechanical parts, and the reasonable stacking of the internal components of the product, with the aim of setting the functions in a way that will ensure products are safe and durable as well as excellent in performance.

In electronic design, our skilled engineers design the circuit board what a well-organized circuit should include and look like, to realize circuit functions, such as vibration mode changes, shutdown time, product use time, etc.

Finished parts follow ISO standards and are made from common 3D data types for tool making.

sex toys mold


Reliable raw material suppliers who have been cooperating with us for a long time meet our expectations when it comes to delivery and quality.

To deliver a product on time, LIT sets up a special team to manage the production schedule, and keeps its factory updated with a range of in-house capabilities such as silicone casting, plastic injection, CNC machining, electronics assembling and 3D printing.

Based on our rich industrial experience, we make the samples relying on our full analysis of both the product structure and the production techniques, to ensure the sample is manufacturable and it can minimize the costs in the trial and error process of large-scale production.


Our capacity to manufacture is borne out of our knowledge of sex and customer satisfaction.

We focus on producing high-quality products for markets worldwide while complying with safety standards.

Working with you on every solution that you need, we provide you with samples and advice aiming to find the right products to reach your end users.

Expect high-end manufacturing to bring you all sorts of sex toys to please a varied market.

NDA Support

Our industry has the capability of producing infinite ideas for every kind of adult product.

You will need our NDA support that wards off against any copycats that plagiarize your designs.

LIT has a team of leading Intellectual Property specialists who can strategize your IP protection that protect your business in the long run. Make the most of our IP support so that your originality can be maintained at all times.

Quality Inspection

Distinct from other companies in the industry, LIT as a Chinese manufacturer, can produce vibrators under an all-around inspection system that ensures quality. Every top-grade vibrator must undergo a series of tests, including but not limited to:

  • Waterproof test
  • Salt spray test
  • Drop test
  • Noise test
  • Aging test
  • Temperature test

The low scrap rate of as little as 2% is thanks to our quality inspectors with over 10 years of experience. They are sure to find any potential defect during the inspection process.

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